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                           PureOutlook Realty LLC

PureOutlook Realty is a Residential/Commercial/Property Management Real Estate brokerage firm in New York City.  Headquartered in the heart of Harlem at 1854 Amsterdam Avenue - Suite 401, New York, NY 10031.  Our Real Estate professionals are dedicated to assisting you with Management, Apartment Rentals, Sales, Purchases, Commercial Real Estate Developments, and Ownership throughout New York City and as far as New York State. 

PureOutlook Realty is proven to be the most innovative real estate brokerage firm for all your needs. PureOutlook Realty also offer Notary Public services, Typing services (Documents/Letters, Resumѐ Preparation, Correspondence, etc.) Internet Cafe, Copies, Fax, Scan & Print.  

As a Property Manager, PureOutlook Realty will maintain your property with the finest of care.  PureOutlook Realty will prepare and deliver Tenants' Monthly Rent Bills, Collect Tenants' Rents, Work with Attorney to Evict Non-Paying Tenants and Holdovers, Ensure that the property is in Compliance with all Building Department, ECB, DEP or any other City Agencies Building Codes, Prepare Tenants' Leases, File Building & Apt. Registrations, Supervise Super/Porter, Present for all Inspections, Supervise all Renovations and Repairs and the following: 

  • Weekly Visits
  • Supervise the Super, Porter and/or Building Staff
  • Prepare Tenants Monthly Rent Bills
  • Rent Collections
  • Tenants Problem Solving/Complaint Calls
  • Vendor Repair Estimates
  • Bill Payment
  • Annual Compliance Filings (HPD, DHCR etc.)
  • NYC Building Code Compliance
  • Monitor Security Cameras
  • Review Vendor Contracts, Insurance, Real Estate Taxes, Water Bills
  • Inspections (ConEd, Boiler, Elevator etc.)
  • Ordering of building supplies
  • Court Appearances
  • Violation removal

Hire PureOutlook Realty as your Real Estate Broker for any Residential/Commercial Rentals or Sales.  PureOutlook Realty will screen prospective tenants for apartment rentals and review required documents before introducing Tenants to Landlord as qualified tenants.

Hire PureOutlook Realty as a Seller's Broker - What’s your asking price?  PureOutlook Realty will study today’s market and its changes to inform you on how we can market your property, Coop or Condo at its value.  PureOutlook Realty will prepare a Free Comparison Report to show you what’s selling in the market and at what price.   PureOutlook Realty will obtain the highest price possible to satisfy you.  PureOutlook Realty will advertise & create a marketing plan for you, at no cost.   PureOutlook Realty will display and present your home to qualified buyers who can show proof of funds, and PureOutlook Realty will negotiate the highest price possible to your satisfaction.

Hire PureOutlook Realty as a Purchaser's Broker - What are your needs?  PureOutlook Realty is always scouting daily for inventory throughout New York City & as far as New York State.  PureOutlook Realty works for client satisfaction.

Hire PureOutlook Realty as a Renter's Broker - Where would you like to reside?  What size apartment are you looking for?  What is your budget?  

Call PureOutlook Realty to view our day-to-day listing of available apartments in Harlem, Bronx, Brooklyn & Queens or as far as upstate. 

What are your needs?  PureOutlook Realty is here to service you.  How can PureOutlook Realty help you?  Give us a call with all your questions.